Thursday, June 13, 2013

better block

oh Geelong, city of dreams....
Could it be that you're finally finding you're little feet and getting on track? i think it is....

this coming weekend marks a great event happening in the city centre (Little Malop and Little James st to be specific), that is a result of the brilliant Sustainable Living event put on by Innate Ecology earlier this year. Better Block is a US initiative created by Jason Roberts that focuses on re-energising forgotten, run down or down trodden areas of towns and cities throughout the USA to turn them into thriving and livable hubs for the community. Geelong is going to be the first Australian recipient of this treatment this Saturday the 15th, holy hat!

the installation involves local products and wares, street art, music, local food and street furniture. not to mention safe and easy bike parking and accessibility. the idea is to show how quickly these areas can be re-invigorated and made use of again in a sustainable way that encourages growth of community and  appreciation for local trades, wares and products. anyway, like I mentioned, its this Saturday the 15th June, in the Little Malop/James street precinct so get down and have a squiz if you can. There's also a cycling forum on at Beavs Bar to discuss all things bike/sustainable transport and how to integrate this into transport systems in Geelong in the future..

PS. if you're in Melbourne reading this and thinking hey, I want a piece of the action, guess what? Coburg is having one too!! Suss it out here


(pics below from fuel: coffee + food, and GeelongBetterBlock facebook)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Geelong BetterBlock. We had a great day out with over 700 attendees through the area, which usually has maybe 10.
    We have had many requests to create another in Geelong since.