Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I EXIST. HARVEST EXISTS. Unbelievable I know, but its true. anyway, let me not bore you with the mundaneness of reasons behind the stall in my blogging life, let me instead entertain you with a little snippet of an exciting project that came up over the summer months. Aphra Magazine, named after the one and only Aphra Behn (one of the first female playwrights who penned the way for all women with an inclination to put pen to paper) and published out of the Apple Isle, is a broad reaching publication that tackles political, environmental and social issues, is totally fashion forward, has great taste in music etc etc etc the list goes on. Its all completely great. and, would you know it, little old Harvest has jumped onto the  Aphra bandwagon (ever so happily) to write about all things Urban Agriculture. here is the link to the article and to the homepage, stay tuned for next instalments..

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  1. That is exciting, and a really great read - I LOVE that urban ag is starting to become more mainstream. Look forward to seeing more articles!