Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flower Shells

years ago when I was a somewhat bored teenager sitting in some sort of class, I remember coming across one of the now iconic images of street artist Banksy. It was of a guerilla hurling what should have been a grenade, but he was instead now throwing a boquet  of flowers. I love it still. This image flashed before my eyes the other day as I read about the Swedish company Studio Total  and their product, Flower Shells. 
Per Cromwell, the (I think) genius behind the idea, has created a delightful product that takes an instrument generally designed for some type of destruction and turned it into an instrument for life and new beginnings. Yep, thats right, flower shells are gun shells that have been emptied of their lead and instead filled with seeds of a variety of different flower seeds, such as poppies, sunflowers, sweet peas, lupins and a host of other meadowy type species. Each shell is hand made, with the lead being lovingly removed and replaced by the seeds, which are protected from the heat of the blast with fabric and paper. Talk about guerilla gardening  at its very finest!! 

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