Monday, March 17, 2014


again, i'm about to harp on about the love of the marriage that's continually developing between the art/design world with the agrarian. yes, you're right,  the natural world has always been an inspiration to artists and designers from day dot, but when a company comes along that is specifically created to drum up beautiful designs and concepts for agrarian businesses in mind, now that's a whole different story.

Farmrun is the brainchild of Adam Plotsky, a natural development of creative drive and passion for the agricultural world that developed during experiences of travel and farm work across the States. Meeting these farmers and co raised an awareness that often small agrarian businesses can have a hard time cracking the market and becoming 'known' as a brand or entity- especially when the media is awash with the huge corporations and their stranglehold across the marketing sphere. Farmrun offers beautiful bespoke and I think utterly charming designs for such businesses across a whole spectrum of mixed media and mediums. They celebrate the grassroots nature of the agrarian world while being totally contemporary and dare I say it, not the usual type of branding that's  often pretty synonymous with the farming/organic/slow world (think, rainbows, rising suns, babies in cabbage leaves, scarecrows- NOT that there's anything wrong with these, it's just refreshing to see new agrarian branding coming into play). anyway, enough; here are some of my favourite designs done for the likes of Wanted Weeds, Milkwood Permaculture, Washington Young Farmers Coalition, Stitchdown Farm and The Greenhorns to name but a few. to read more and watch some of the great clips on the website, head to


Wanted Weeds:

Stitchdown Farm:

Washington Young Farmers Coalition/Greenhorns:

Hogstones Wood Oven:

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