Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ben Morieson: Fieldwork

completely unintentionally, it would appear that this months theme (not that there has ever actually been a monthly theme on Harvest), is the relationship between art and the agrarian world. 
Situated on a private block in Kensington, Melbourne, 'Fieldwork' by Ben Morieson, is an installation that is intended to make the viewer aware of the importance of the agrarian world and its part played in our everyday lives. Rather than another grey vacant block of land, artist Ben Morieson has planted the 1.8 hectare block with Ausigold 26 (a variety of Sunflowers developed and donated by Nuseed), with the aim to reconnect city dwellers with the provenance of their food and the cyclical, seasonal nature of the agricultural world, and too, to create a vibrant colour block within the grey scale of the city.
Morieson has intentions to harvest and distribute the seeds to nearby communities, but various toxins that were detected on the site by Melbourne University's Burnley Campus may thwart the ambition, depending on the percentage of these toxins that have been absorbed into the plants during their growing cycle. 
Morieson intends to create the installation again, and perhaps in numerous locations using all sorts of different mass plantings in order to create multiple colour blocks throughout the city. If you live in Melbourne, the installation is found at 59 Alfred Street Kensington and will be there until the end of March.

photos courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald & The Art Almanac. 

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