Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Absolutely Fabulous.

Forever in my memory is the image of the chain smoking, champagne swilling, entirely vacuous, totally fabulous and hilarious Patsy. Even though in the back of my mind I know Joanna Lumley is most definitely not this character in reality (however much i might want her to be), its still hard to dispel the above image when news crops up about Lumley's latest ventures. Most notably for my little ears in recent times, The London Garden Bridge. 

A concept that was born from Lumley's childhood memories of misty Malaysian gardens, the bridge is intended to cross the Thames and connect Southbank to Temple station with a floating, garden paradise for pedestrians. Designed by Heatherwick Studios (most notably known for designing the London Olympics cauldron), the proposal is set to become a reality after the government finally decided to come around and pledge thirty million pounds to the already privately donated and funded project. Transport for London has also donated four million pounds to the 150 million pound project that could now be under construction as soon as next year.

In terms of the design, the bridge will incorporate much of the rich horticultural heritage of the Thames and the English countryside with woodland trees, spring meadow flowers and grasses and provide an inner city haven and habitat for many birds bugs and bees of the city. 

The major question that needs to be asked now is, how soon can we have one in Melbourne!? 
watch this space. 

images above courtesy of Heatherwick Studios. 


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