Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waste Deep

of course, we're already well aware that waste is a major issue we as a global society with an ever growing population will have to face and change. 'Waste Deep', a documentary by Sustainable Table offers us an insight into while we're aware of waste management and recycling, not enough is being done at this current time to help alleviate the issue. As this documentary puts it, majority of our society see the yellow recycling bin as the end of the road; bit done for the environment, pat on the back and repeat again the week after. of course, this is really only the FINAL SOLUTION to the issue. a brilliant 20 minute documentary that doesn't beat you over the head about being un-ecologically friendly but instead gives you the current facts and figures in waste management and focuses on the day to day things you can do to help. Waste, particularly of non perishables needs to be cut down, and fast, in order to help protect the planet. As consumers, we have been brought up in a 'culture of convenience" that encourages us to look for the most perfect looking fruits and vegetables and as such we "have lost connection to the provenance of our food." Step in, farmers markets, helpful shopping/cooking tips and encouraging stories on the benefits of shopping 'slow' and local, and of  "shopping with intent", rather than going into the supermarket on a whim and shopping towards marketing hype. dealing with perishable waste is of course a lot easier to manage; its really when the issue boils down to plastics and metals that we as consumers can do a lot more by actually only doing very little and changing our habits, that it all adds up for the better. with people like Sarah Wilson, Tim Silverwood (Take 3 Home) and Costa Georgiadis giving their strategies towards a waste free (or greatly diminished waste) world, its an inspiring and really accessible watch. so boil the kettle and ignore the post for now; watch this instead HERE http://vimeo.com/87989774

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