Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spade & Barrow

Spade & Barrow are...
THE FUTURE!!! Serious. they're one of those companies/initiatives that have just got it going on and have got the right attitude towards food sovereignty and food provenance. Spade and Barrow comes from the same magical team that set up Secondbite (if you don't know Secondbite combats the ridiculous amounts of fresh produce surplus by rescuing and redistributing it to those in need. have a look here to find out more).  This time around, Spade & Barrow focuses on THE FARMERS. As CEO Katy discusses, in the process of developing Secondbite, the plight of farmers trying to cope with the mass production demands of major supermarket chains and retailers was more often than not undoing farming livelihoods with an average of 300/month (farmers that is), walking away from the land, unable to sustain themselves and their families. thankfully, Spade & Barrow recognised this and have stepped in creating themselves as a new distributor for fresh farm produce, bought directly from farmers at a fair farm price and brought straight to your door. Renaming this produce as 'Natures Grade', Spade & Barrow embrace and applaud the imperfections in fruit and vegetable produce that major retailers deem unworthy. As such, this produce is saved from going to waste, and of course too, by purchasing this produce direct from the farmer, ensures these farming families can stay on the land and keep growing us delicious, local produce. So if you live in Geelong or Melbourne regions, I strongly suggest jumping on the website, having a look around and signing up... its really too easy and ever so deliciously good.

photo courtesy of Spade and Barrow. CEO Katy Barfield. 

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